Welcome to Twinkle Stars Montessori Nursery

Welcome to Twinkle Stars Montessori, your premier term-time-only day nursery serving families in New Barnet and surrounding areas. Our expert team of highly qualified Montessori teachers offers a multicultural learning environment, ensuring your child receives top-quality education and care. At Twinkle Stars, we prioritize creating a fun, caring, and safe space for children to thrive. Our holistic approach focuses on fostering confidence, motivation, and self-discipline through engaging Montessori apparatus and instruments. With a strong emphasis on individualized attention, we cater to each child's unique characteristics, promoting both fun and learning simultaneously. From dress-up and role-playing to creative exploration and outdoor play, our nursery encourages hands-on experiences and creativity. Join us in raising well-balanced, independent, and happy children. Contact Twinkle Stars Montessori today for the best nursery and Montessori education experience in New Barnet and the surrounding areas.